Here is our brake cable setup.  You can achieve a much cleaner setup by using the Azusa brake kit (Part# 2279).

This is how the other end of the brake cable attaches to the caliper.



Here is the throttle cable setup we fabricated using a cable.  Azusa's throttle kit works great because it incorporates a throttle rod (Part#2278).




You will need different throttle cable setups with different engines.  This is how we setup our throttle cable on our 6.5hp Honda clone.  You can see a different setup in our other free go kart plans.  Also check out for throttle setups.

Flip your frame over and cut out a piece of sheet metal for the floor.  We drilled all of the holes for rivets and put the sheet metal floor to the side to be mounted later.

It's time to finish all of your welds and prep all of the metal for paint.


After the paint has dried, it's time for my favorite part, putting the go kart together.  We started with all of the steering components.  Here you can see the spindle has been bolted in place as well as the tie rod.  The spindle axle has a spacer and washer in place so the rim and tire have adequate clearance from the spindle arm etc.


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