To complete the steering shaft a pitman arm needs to be welded in place.  In this picture you can see we already bolted up the tie rods to the pitman arm. 


We made our own tie rods by welding bolts to the ends of 3/8" round bar.  This go kart is a two seater with the steering shaft positioned on the left side of the frame.  This is why you will notice one tie rod is shorter than the other. 


We made our pedals from 3/8" solid round bar and two pieces of 16ga. sheet metal.  We mounted the pedals with a bushing setup similar to the steering shaft bushings setup.  Azusa also carries inexpensive pedals (Part# 1806 & 1811).


Time to setup the disc brake caliper bracket.  The distance of the caliper to the disc is important when setting up this bracket, however, the side to side location is easily adjusted by sliding the disc on the axle.  The brake setup is very important.  At 30mph, you want to be able to stop quickly if needed.  You will not stop on a dime with this mechanical disc brake.  A hydraulic disc brake is the way to go.  We would also recommend Azusa's band brake over this mechanical disc brake (Part# 2251-13 & 2541).



We tested our brake setup and the caliper mounting bracket flexed so we added this support.

After test fitting the chain we added this support to the engine mount.


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