Now we go to work on the mounting tabs for the rear axle bearings.  This is not the best setup for the rear axle but it is what we thought of at the time.  We used 1/4" thick flat stock to make the mounting tabs and welded them at the rear of the frame.  It's very important everything is setup perfectly square here otherwise the rear axle will bind.


After the rear axle mounting tabs are in place, temporarily bolt up the bearings and rear axle assembly.


We have the rear axle and engine in place to check spacing and alignment.


We like this method much better for mounting the rear axle.  These bearing hangers can be welded forward or back on the frame rails for perfect positioning.  You can also weld the bearing hangers on the top or the bottom of the frame rails depending on the ground clearance desired.  Azusa has a very nice live axle bearing kit (part number 8161B).


Moving to the front of the kart you need to build spindle boxes for the spindles to mount into.  These spindle boxes can be welded up high or down low depending on ground clearance desired.


These pictures show the spindles we fabricated.  The spindle arm was cut from 1/4" thick flat stock.  The steering tie rod will bolt to this arm.  The spindle axle is a 5/8" x 4 1/2" bolt.  The front wheels will later mount on the spindle axle.  You can save a ton of time using Azusa spindles (Part# 2235 & 2236).


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